Thursday, November 25, 2021

Jesus Christ A Poem

 Jesus Christ

Lo! The seas rage, the earth quakes

But I am calm, walking on the waves

Keeping my eyes on Jesus

For He is my King, my Redeemer,

My Husband and His Love Fills Me.

He was beaten senseless

and hung on the Cross

The King of the Jews

The Prince of Peace

The Majesty of creation

The Pearl of Great Price

He purchaseth my soul.

I tread on the heads of

serpents and scorpions

my heel bruises on Satan’s skull

His voice fills my heart

His Anointing tingles my skin

And warms me with His Holiness.

His fingers play a piano

With soft melodies and affection

The stars fall away, 

The earth passes away,

The rivers run dry,

But the Word shall remain.

His name is love on my lips.

His being is above infinity,

He holds planets in his hand.

He is the breath of life in us all.

Because of Him

I will escape death,

It shall have no sting.

He is the one that overcomes

All darkness and all pain.

He wipes the tears from my eyes,

He renews my mind and touches my spirit.

His Spirit moved over the deep

Before there was land or sky.

His Kingdom has no end

and has no beginning.

His sword is His voice.

He whispers to us in the wind.

He is Lord of Lords

And a dream beyond all dreams.


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