Friday, August 6, 2021

The End

 The End

A voice yelled Mandate the Vaccine!

Another voice said it.

Soon, there was ten.

Ten became the cry of thousands.

Man said it was salvation.

A return to normalcy.

Iran was weeks ago from the bomb.

Commanders stared into screens.

The clock was almost midnight.

Troops mobilized.

Tanks engines chugged.

The last of the Elect got saved.

The Trumpet sounded.

Tens of millions ascended 

into the heavens.

Stocks tumbled.

Rates soared.

Gold became the standard.

Churches burst at the seams.

It was time.

God no longer tarried for mankind.

The Jews were his fixation now.

144,000 were sealed to victory.

There was a war in heaven.

Michael and his angels raged

at the Dragon and his ilk.

Cast them out of heaven,

the blasphemers were finished.

Judgement had begun.

Christ sat on his throne.

He wore a golden crown.

And the sword went from his mouth.

It would slay tens of millions.

And, everyone knelt before the Lord.

When the Man Comes Around.