Saturday, December 2, 2023

Jesus is Coming Soon

Jesus is Coming for Us

He won’t be late

He won’t be slow

He’ll be right on time

He’ll come with a shout

And the Trump of God

As lightning flashes

From East to West

The Son of Man

Will Come for Us

He is Coming Soon

Closer than you realize

Don’t be Left Behind

Be a virgin trimming your wick

Keep the oil full

His Light is inside you

I pray and release the Anointing

So His Spirit fills you completely

Satan came with armies of hell

And Jesus won anyway

By dying on a Cross

Being bruised for our infirmities

Being beaten for our sickness

Being sacrificed for our sins

So that we might see eternity

He was without sin,

without blemish

Jesus was the Word

And the Word was God

He always walks among us

He is closer than a brother

For those that believe

He lives inside us


Copyright 12-02-2023