Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Jesus, A Poem


You are the beauty.
You are the poetry.
You are the majesty.
You are the apple
of mine eyes.
You are my husband,
the one that bought
me with the greatest price,
a price I cannot ev'r pay,
nor a price that I owe.
You were given in eternal
love and grace, and You
saved the world.
You are the Alpha and Omega,
the Son rising and the Son setting.
Nothing was made except by
your hand in infinity.
You control time,
You control space,
You are fate,
You are destiny.
You are the passion,
the Rock of Ages.
I kneel before thee,
humbled and unafraid.
I proclaim your name,
King of Kings,
Lord of Lords,
Lord of Hosts.
You are my Knight.
I am your Bride
that will serve you
in eternity.

Pastrix Rachel Teresa
#Transgender Church

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