Thursday, April 30, 2020

Privacy Policy

For European users, Google should have a banner at the top. For all others, this site does not collect cookies or analytics, but Blogger/Google might since they host. See for their privacy policy. Other than the counter (which Blogger provided), there are no analytic widgets on this site, and I will never put ads on this blog. I hate ads! This site is for information only. The only way I can see who you are is if you respond to a post (you need a Google ID). I do post Youtube videos, but their privacy policy is at Other than knowing you visited by posting a comment, I have no clue who visits this site.

Therefore, since I have no idea how to do analytics and don't have any widgets that do, besides that counter which is Blogger's, we store nothing. I have no server, no database, nothing. You are totally anonymous to me unless you leave a comment. I might add a newsletter in the future, but that is the future. Anything that stores information, is a Blogger thing. I'm sure has a privacy policy.

Feedburner, a Google product, allows anyone to follow Transgender Church posts by email. Users totally control their subscription (see your email for info) and there will never be ads on this site. Rest assured, your email addy will never be sold by the Church.

We have a Twitter at Please see for their Privacy Policy.

Pastrix Rachel
Transgender Church

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