Saturday, January 23, 2021

Soon, these songs are about to happen


Three Seconds to Midnight

In the twinkling of an eye

everything will change eternally

Millions will be spared judgement

Billions will see Judgement

I see through a glass darkly

the night is growing darker

But, soon shall be the dawn

The rising of a few into the ethereal

Sudden destruction will be on man

The Holy and Just will be gone

Evil will run rampant and will

steal, kill and destroy

He will sift man as wheat

Seals will be opened, and

bowls of Judgment will be spilled

No symphonies will be played

Heaven will be closed

Salvation will be by faith

The Holy Spirit will only seal

Fires will burn across the land

Life will be cheap and tumult

shall rage the flames of discontent

Men will curse God

and the cup of sin shall overflow

Perdition's flame will burn bright

The seas will rage, untamed

The earth shall quake

Many will starve

And some will eat the other

The sun will be darkened

Peace will be a dim memory

Misery and pain shall rule the day

When the man comes around.

Pastrix Rachel Teresa
Transgender Church

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